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David Carswell contributed a Microsoft Visio 2007 stencil incorporating the PICOL SVG iconset (090316).  This stencil is an import of the SVG icons, with aspect-ratio protection applied, and is released under the same license as PICOL itself.

You can download the Visio 2007 stencil HERE

I coulnd´t check the file, beacause I have no Visio. If there are any problem please contact David :)

6 Responses to “PICOL for Visio”

  1. DavidH Says:

    This is what you see when importing the stencil in Visio 2010 –> http://www.flickr.com/photos/davidht/4368276910/

    I’m interested in using PICOL in Visio. Yesterday (what a coincidence) I was wondering about automating the process of creating stencils from images in order to import PICOL icons…

  2. PICOL Admin Says:

    That´s what David did he wrote Macro which imports it but I think he will answer it himself — because I´ve no clue of macros :)

  3. Carswell Says:

    DavidH …

    Thanks for the valuable QA!

    If you’re willing, email me directly at picol@carswell.info, and I’ll send you an updated stencil as soon as I’ve updated it, and you can let me know if I fixed the problem. There are a couple of additional minor tweaks I want to make anyway. This’ll be in the next week or two.

    I wrote a Visio macro to import the PICOL SVG set; once I’ve polished it a bit, and packaged it as a more generic Visio add-in to create a new stencil from a bunch of SVG (or other supported) files, I’ll make it available under Creative Commons in source form, perhaps in binary form, under the same terms as PICOL.

  4. PICOL Admin Says:

    We are looking forward.

  5. Diego Marroquin Says:

    Amigos de PICOL, realmente me agrada muchisimo su trabajo, en especial que es de licencia libre. Agradezco su esfuerzo por lo artistico de sus iconos. Saludos cordiales desde Guatemala!!!

  6. PICOL Admin Says:

    por favor ;)

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