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Download | PICOL-Icons | Pre-release | SVG | 16-03-2009

UPDATE: Go directly to the download page,
where you´ll find much more icons

All icons again are licensed under
a Creative Commons BY-SA License.

Here it is. The vector version of PICOL.
“This will finally enable use of PICOL beside web applications, for instance in texts, presentations and posters.” Jakob – I hope these words will come true and we will see some nice applications with the PICOL icons.
All icon are available as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). Maybe one day Internet Explorer will support SVG images. In the meantime you can download the Adobe SVG Viewer or use another Browser (browser list translated with Google Translator).

With the help of Christopher Adjei I was able to mass edit all 520 icons and add meta data to it. He made a small app for me with Processing, which allowed me to add meta data to all icons in one single procedure. We talked about this tool and thought about making it public, but before this can happen it needs some work and time.

Please write me a short mail, if you use the icons.
Screenshots and links are welcome :)

11 Responses to “Pre-release
SVG version of PICOL Icons”

  1. Mael Says:

    Very great !
    you can mention Inkscape that is a complete svg editor.
    And the processing app is a promizing toll !

  2. SY Says:

    Very nice, thank you Jacob and Christopher.

    For those wondering how to get larger rasterized versions of the icons in Photoshop, using these SVG files, here’s how:

    1. Open the SVG file with Inkscape.
    2. Save As… *.eps
    3. Open the EPS file with Photoshop.
    4. Select the dimensions you want for your rasterized version (for instance 300 at 300 pixels).

    You can now scale the layer in Photoshop using Transform. Be sure to always scale down in size, never up.

    BTW I’m using them for a webapplication, but it is a long way from completion.

  3. admin Says:

    Jacob? Melih! :) That´s my name. That was just a quote by Jakob who commented on the post with the 16×16 Pixel icons. I just liked his words and thought they fit very well. By the way Jakob made a nice concept for using the icons in a library system

    And thank you very much for the description of who to rasterize the icons.

    Please send me short mail when you finished your webapplication.

  4. SY Says:

    Sorry Melih, misread :)

  5. admin Says:

    No problem :)

  6. Jakob Says:

    Hi Melih, thanks for the SVG! I already vector files of PICOL that I created on my own for a presentation I gave two days ago. No I can better use the official files. I also played with some more combination of icons – maybe you can give a better overview of PICOL by grouping the 500+ combinations in base icons and combined icons.

  7. admin Says:

    Hi Jakob, that´s the plan for the picol main website. It should be a bit more intelligent than a folder structure – fed with meta tags, categories & descriptions. But this has to wait a while, because it´s very hard for me to program since I´m no web developer :|
    Thanks for the presentation. It look very good. Do you thought on adding audio to it? That would be really great.

  8. Pierrot Péladeau Says:

    I was waiting for this.
    I started to use PICOL to describe operations in personal information processes with another set of icons that describe the anthropological relationships between the actors involved.
    But I find that PICOL’s use for describing processes would work better in animation than in still. So, I am learning animation…
    Will post examples.

  9. PICOL Admin Says:

    Pierrot that sounds great! Let us know, when you have something to show :)

  10. Jakob Says:

    Yes, with animation and audio, a PICOL based presentation (like the history of internet video) is much better – but I don’t know how to do it. Can you recommend a software for creating small films with vector diagrams?

  11. PICOL Admin Says:

    Hi Jakob. I meant something like this Just the slides with your voice explaining it.
    For animation you can use every animation tool (AfterEffects, C4D, Flash…) You can also make a slide presentation with audio in any video editing software. Maybe someone has an idea for such tools.

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If you want to download the Pre-Release of all actual PICOL icons (about 550 icons) as pixel or vector files please download the ZIP-Files.

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SVG Vector 01-20-2014

PICOL generator - Mashup icon PICOL generator
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PICOL-Icons made
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All icons are licensed under the Creative Commons-License BY-SA

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