Soccer Icon & the last eight

Clock Mini IconJune 30th, 2010 written by

With the last eight at the World Cup I release the soccer icon for the PICOL library.

download icons Here you can download the raw soccer icon.

Here you can download the soccer flag icons of the last eight.

May the best team win.

4 Responses to “Soccer Icon & the last eight”

  1. Six a side Soccer Leagues Says:

    Spain is towards their new path to create history in soccer world.

  2. PICOL Admin Says:

    Yes. They kicked us out :(

  3. Marco Says:

    Hey, nice work on icons … just wanted to point out that our flag (uruguay) has 7 blue stripes in the icon, but 4 in real life … we got home the fourth, though, so maybe we deserve the punishment xD

  4. PICOL Admin Says:

    Hi Marco. oh, sorry — you´re right :| Does the stripes have a meaning? I fear they have a meaning…
    4th place is great! :)

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