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I started to add some more icons to the PICOL Icon Library. Feel free to have a look. I added some more invisible features on the side. The automatically generated ZIP-Files now generate the icon name for the file name. I´m still having some problems with the ZIP files and the standard unzipping programm on Macs.
I´m planing some more features, but since I´m no programmer and therefore very slow in programming you have to wait a while.
Have fun downloading!

2 Responses to “Some more icons in the library”

  1. Robert Says:

    Any chance in developing these as vector graphics so they can be scaled? Also, what is the best way to animate them (as in the History of the Internet video)?

  2. PICOL Admin Says:

    Hi Robert.The SVG-Files are already vector files.
    Download the ZIP files with the SVGs
    If you can not handle them feel to contact me.

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