History of the Internet

Clock Mini IconJanuary 4th, 2009 written by

Finally I did it! The history of the internet is ready to screen. The movie is told with the help of the PICOL icons. I hope you enjoy it.

For the credits go to my portfolio on
and if you want to see the whole diploma go to

71 Responses to “History of the Internet”

  1. DarkMoonWolf Says:

    Hey. Nice Video. I like the icons, i think i might try to integrate them into my website(s), they’re really simple (at lest the ones in the video). Nice work.

  2. admin Says:

    That´s nice to hear :)
    I´m working on the PNG´s of the icons.
    I´ll make a ZIP file for download, when the icons are ready.
    The website picol.org has to wait a while, untill I´ve enough money to pay a PHP developer to finish it.

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  4. Darragh Says:

    Congrats from Ireland on an absolutely wonderful video. You made it interesting to watch and learn about it. Love the choice of effects and music. Well done, you should be very proud :) I’ll be sharing this one, for sure.

  5. Thorsten Says:

    wow, thanks for sharing this phantastic movie.

    grosses Kino!

  6. Daniel Perry Says:

    Brilliant! Loved the clarity and simplicity of your communication method!

  7. Maarten Says:

    It’s so brilliantly communicative, even my mum would understand.

  8. Bob Cotton Says:

    Great work Melih! I am a great fan of the work of Otto and Marie Neurath – and your PICOL project is bringing their ISOTYPE work into the digital era. Can you tell us more about your work process, animation methods etc? And finally, can I reference your history in my own forthcoming book/online database on Media Innovation Since 1900 using a frame from your brilliant video?

  9. admin Says:

    Hi Bob,

    the most important inspiration for the icons was the work of Otto Neurath and Gerd Arntz (the guy who made the ISOTYPE icon), the AIGA icons who are free to use and the desktop metaphor by Mott and Larry Tesler. I´ll write a post about it and how i made this icons. Here is a post I wrote about the technical grid http://blog.picol.org/the-grid/.
    Sure you can use it – but don´t forget to credit it :) and maybe you´ll send me a copy or at least link.

  10. Sinan İŞLER Says:

    congrat this is perfectly video…

    tebrikler mükemmel bir video hazırlamışsınız.

  11. admin Says:

    eng: thanks

    tur: cok tesekkürler :)

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  13. dominiek Says:


    Looking very forward to the icons. I hope you can put them online sometime soon, I’d LOVE to use them for my upcoming presentation :]

  14. admin Says:

    Hi Dominiek,

    I´m working on it. There is much other stuff for me to do right now, because I just finished my diploma. But I´ll prepare a pre-release soon and post it here on the blog.


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  23. Guilherme Euler Says:

    Great video! Great idea! Thank you!

    Can you send the subtitles to me? I want to translate the subtitles to Brazilian Portuguese and share this video.

  24. Asdrubale Says:

    Hi, can you send to me subtitles also? I wolud translate it in italian.

  25. admin Says:

    Thank you very much, but there are already Italian subtitles on the clip on youtube.

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    [...] “History of the Internet” es un documental animado que trata de relatar la historia del intercambio de archivos desde Arpanet hasta Internet. Este gran trabajo realizado en Motion Graphics utiliza una iconografía que se puede encontrar en la página web de Picol: un proyecto que tiene como objetivo la creación de un lenguaje pictórico común que sirva como medio para la comunicación electrónica y que facilite la navegación por la red. [...]

  27. zincink Says:

    Just wanted to let you know I linked to you from my blog. I figure most average users have no CLUE where the internet began and are probably too lazy to research it..

  28. Dr.Yukon Says:

    It’s impossible! Author Without exaggeration is the modern hero ))

    Modern University for the Humanities in Russia is interested about this movie. What about subtitles? We want to translate it in Russian.

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  31. Tommaso Says:

    very nice video!
    i show it to students for undestand th history of itnernet

    very very nice works!


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    [...] este video sobre la historia de internet, en inglés,  en el blog de PICOL. Usa los íconos creados por PICOL y me gusta que usa sólamente blanco y [...]

  33. Nelson Says:

    Hey, this video was great! It really accomplishes its goal to explain the Internet in a very fun and incredibly simplistic way using your icons. I think I would like to learn how to create videos like that to explain things in a better way. What software do you use? What is the animation process?

  34. Vignesh Says:

    Hey sir, saw your video ..awesome one…Nice job…i really admire your work and those icons are cool dude…can you tell me how did you create those icons and the video[soft platform]….???…


  35. admin Says:

    Hi thanks for the comments.

    First of all I used AfterEffects and C4D (thanks to my University for that :) The icons were made with Illustrator.

    The animation process:

    1. Research
    2. Image concepts and ideas
    3. Screenplay
    4. Storyboard using the wonderfull PICOL icons ;)
    5. Animating in C4D&AFX
    6. Typography implementation & builiding the scenes together in AFX
    7. Script for the Speaker
    8. Implementation of the voice-over
    9. Render

  36. Yassine Says:


    I would like to have a downloadable version of this video. Is it possible to do that?

  37. admin Says:

    Sorry it´s not possible due to the music I used for this clip. Because of it I can not port the movie to CC license.

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    [...] of animation, PICOL icons. Find out more about the animation and the video on Bilgil’s blog: PICOL Blog: History of the Internet YouTube Video [...]

  40. jtuki Says:


    This is a great vid, both informative and interesting. I love it very much!
    Plus, your idea and implementation for those icons are pretty good. ;)

    I wanna translate it into Chinese. Could u pls send the English-version subtitles to me?
    Thx in advance. :)

  41. jtuki Says:

    I am sorry to bother you again. I haven’t received the email yet, but I found that my comment above have been moderated. :(
    If you have sent me the email, I guess this might be a problem related to my flaky-offline-mode gmail.

    Could u pls sent me the email again? So sorry for the inconvenience.

  42. admin Says:

    @jtuki: Hi, thank you very much, but there are already Chinese subtitles.

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  45. Michel Says:

    Man, good work! Congratulations!

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  48. TurambarGR Says:

    Very nice video! Can you send me the subtitles so that I can translate them in greek; It is very interesting and I would like to put it in our blog. It would be great if it had also greek subtitles!

  49. Sowa Says:

    awesome video.
    I really enjoy your animations !

  50. Sławek Says:

    I’ve just watched your video and I find it very interesting, so i tought it could be great to spread this animation and translate subtitles into polish. I’d like to know if You’d agree for translation and what are Your requirements about translated video.


  51. admin Says:

    @Sławek: I just put polish subtitle on the movie :)

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    [...] konnte ich es nicht lassen die Lebenszeit die Melih mit seiner Diplomarbeit und besonders dem Clip History of the Internet eingespielt hat. Vimeo: 288000 Youtube: 1415000 Laufzeit: 8:10 Min = 490 [...]

  53. xiaobai5883 Says:

    i need the subtitle leh…
    please anyone can help me with it??

  54. Peter Says:

    Hi, I want to translate the subtitles into Czech for teaching purposes. Would you mind sendimg me the english ones?

    Thanks in advance.

  55. admin Says:

    Hi here you can download the sub

  56. xiaobai5883 Says:

    thank you all very much…
    thanks for the information too…
    have a nice day…

  57. miziodel Says:

    i found your video on dotSUB, and i provided the italian subtitles, cause i found it really neat and clever!


    thanks very much for sharing this!!!

  58. Roger Says:


    your video is superb. i would like to know if you could send me the Portuguese sub to play the video off line to my class?

    best regards

  59. J.Nancy Says:

    I watched this video on vimeo..
    It’s awesome!!

    Your site is cool too..
    Love it love it ;)

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  62. Chey Says:

    .srt spanish subs here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5Z38JW1H

  63. PICOL Admin Says:

    Hi Chey,

    thanks for the subs but there are already Spanish subtitles :|

  64. tad Says:

    love it!!!

  65. Zanella Matteo Says:

    Amazing job on condesating facts and concepts on a very enjoyable movie. Should be shown in every school twice a year. Well done, It’s so good I’d love to download it and keep it. Please create something else like this, your talent is rare.
    Zanella Matteo Italy

  66. PICOL Admin Says:

    Thanks :)

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  68. Eyewebmaster Says:

    Nice video.. I hope every had realized the importance of internet these days..

    To have some ideas of internet history, how did it started this would help you..


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