History of the Internet

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Finally I did it! The history of the internet is ready to screen. The movie is told with the help of the PICOL icons. I hope you enjoy it.

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The voice for the
History of the Internet

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I found a really good speaker for my Documentary “The history of the internet”.
His name is Steve Taylor and on his website you can get some impressions of his voice.

I allready got the recordings and I´m very very happy with it.

Creative Commons

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All Icons will be released under the creative commons license.

For all of you don´t knowing what this is, can watch the infovideo “Wanna work together” by creative commons.

Sputnik 1 and the Internet

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On October the 4th in 1957, during the Cold War, the Soviet Union sent the first unmanned satellite to space. As response to that the United States commisioned the Advanced Research Project Agency or DARPA. To prevent further surprises like the launch of the Sputnik the DARPA has to build up a research network to speed up research. This network will be the ARPANET and later the Internet.

One part out of the animated documentary about the “history of the Internet” I will start soon.

If you want to download the Pre-Release of all actual PICOL icons (about 550 icons) as pixel or vector files please download the ZIP-Files.

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PICOL generator - Mashup icon PICOL generator
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PICOL-Icons made
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All icons are licensed under the Creative Commons-License BY-SA

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