BitTorrent explained with PICOL signs
by Eirik Solheim

Clock Mini IconApril 3rd, 2009 written by

I found this video by Eirik Solheim on NRKbeta, where he explains the concept of BitTorrent. Though the concept is explained in Norwegian it´s understandable for me, due to the clear diagrams Eirik made. Thanks for this piece. I hope more presentations like that will follow in future.

BitTorrent for din bestemor

View more presentations from nrkbeta.
Eirik Solheim just sent me an interview, where he showed his presentation (I hope that´s right ) in TV program on national TV in Norway.
Just click on the image to see the video. The presentation starts at about 13:00.

History of the Internet

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Finally I did it! The history of the internet is ready to screen. The movie is told with the help of the PICOL icons. I hope you enjoy it.

For the credits go to my portfolio on
and if you want to see the whole diploma go to

The Internet is a cloud

Clock Mini IconAugust 27th, 2008 written by

If you don´t believe that and also are sceptical on globe icons representing the internet you can download the PICOL internet icon.

If you want to download the Pre-Release of all actual PICOL icons (about 550 icons) as pixel or vector files please download the ZIP-Files.

download icon picol PICOL Release
SVG Vector 01-20-2014

PICOL generator - Mashup icon PICOL generator
by Alessandro Gubitosi

PICOL-Icons made
by Melih Bilgil

All icons are licensed under the Creative Commons-License BY-SA

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