Announcing Pictodeck v1.0

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Pictodeck is just what it sounds like — a deck of pictograms. It’s a collection of over 700 vector pictograms taken from four different sets: PICOL, Android Icons, Pictoico and Freshpixel. Aaron Richard, the creator of Pictodeck, has converted all of these sets and made them available for Keynote users.
Pictodeck is available for download on Aaron Richards website.

If you want to download the Pre-Release of all actual PICOL icons (about 550 icons) as pixel or vector files please download the ZIP-Files.

download icon picol PICOL Release
SVG Vector 01-20-2014

PICOL generator - Mashup icon PICOL generator
by Alessandro Gubitosi

PICOL-Icons made
by Melih Bilgil

All icons are licensed under the Creative Commons-License BY-SA

cc picol icons