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This clip “Fünf-Prozent-Hürde” (five percent coinsurance clause) is an animation out of a series of three clips. It explains an aspect of the election system in Germany. Together with Astrid Reinberger we made these clips for the Bundeszentrale für polische Bildung (BPB). All clips were made with help of the PICOL signs.
Two other clips, with the title “Überhangmandate” and “Erst- und Zweitstimme” which are already produced, will follow soon. If you can´t wait to see them, you can watch all clips here on the website of the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung.

Editors: Stephan Trinius, Stefan Lampe (BPB)
V.i.S.d.P: Thorsten Schilling (BPB)
Conception and production: Astrid Reinberger, Melih Bilgil
Speaker: Melanie Pukaß
Appraiser: Christoph Strünck

This movie is licensed under the Creative Commons-License by-nc-nd/3.0/de.
CC 2009 Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (BPB)

SVG version of PICOL Icons

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Download | PICOL-Icons | Pre-release | SVG | 16-03-2009

UPDATE: Go directly to the download page,
where you´ll find much more icons

All icons again are licensed under
a Creative Commons BY-SA License.

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Pre-Release: PICOL Icons 16 Pixel

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The 16×16 pixel mini-icons from PICOL are ready now. It was a load of work, but I think it was worth the work. The most complicated version of the icons is done with this one. I hope you´ll like them.
Please drop me a short line, including a link, if you use them. I´m very interested in how the icons will look in your websites or apps.
Next I´ll start with the vector files in EPS format and will also make SVG versions after that.

PICOL-Icons | Pre-release | 16×16 Pixel | PNG | 07-03-2009

UPDATE: Go directly to the download page,
where you´ll find all icons

Please don´t post a link to this file. Instead you can make a link back to blog.picol.org/downloads/icons or picol.org

Interview with the
Teacher 2.0 podcast

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After the presentation “Creative Commons: What every Educator needs to know” Rodd Lucier interviewed me on PICOL for the Teacher 2.0 podcast.
I´m sorry for the uhhhs and mhhhs. Normally my English is not that bad and weird
– I was a bit nervous.
Thanks to Rodd, who took the time to make this interview. I hope you like it.

Teacher 2.0 Podcast | Teacher 2.0 Podcast (iTunes) | The Clever Sheep

Creative Commons: What every Educator needs to know

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Today I found this very nice presentation by Rodd Lucier, where he gives an insight into Creative Commons content and tools. He also mentions the PICOL icons – thanks for that. Have fun watching it.

If you want to download the Pre-Release of all actual PICOL icons (about 550 icons) as pixel or vector files please download the ZIP-Files.

download icon picol PICOL Release
SVG Vector 01-20-2014

PICOL generator - Mashup icon PICOL generator
by Alessandro Gubitosi

PICOL-Icons made
by Melih Bilgil

All icons are licensed under the Creative Commons-License BY-SA

cc picol icons